Residents’ associations

Our awareness-raising actions are essential for promoting better waste sorting and ensuring a cleaner city. These actions are aimed at:

Sorting activities

Activity / information session focusing on the sorting and recycling of household waste. All types of waste are mentioned. The session includes different activities according to the circumstances and the audience (quiz, sports activities, etc.).

  • at your premises, in the 19 municipalities of the Brussels Region
  • for 10 or more people
  • Monday to Friday, by appointment
  • length: 1 hr 30 mins to 2 hrs

If you have any requests, please send an email to .

Virtual awareness-raising

We offer four virtual awareness-raising sessions.

  • Presentation of Bruxelles-Propreté:

    What is Bruxelles-Propreté? What is its story? What are its roles today and its challenges for tomorrow? Find out through this introductory general presentation.
  • Becoming an expert sorter:

    This awareness-raising session is devoted exclusively to waste sorting: How do we sort our waste properly? What are the rules in force in the Brussels Region? What resources are provided to people in Brussels for optimal sorting? Let’s become expert sorters together!
  • Garden and food waste: how are they recycled? What should be put in the green and orange bags? What do the composting and biomethanation processes involve? Let’s help turn our waste into resources!
  • Bruxelles-Energie - the residual waste energy recovery plant: How can your waste become a source of renewable energy? A technical presentation that takes you through the maze of Bruxelles-Energie and answers your questions about how it works, its challenges and why it’s good for the environment!

Who is it for? ANYONE aged 14 years or older!

How many participants? minimum 10 / maximum 30.

How? Virtually, in a videoconference session via Teams, Zoom or Webex from your tablet, PC / laptop / projector. Each awareness-raising session lasts approximately 2 hours.

If you have any requests, please send an email to


Bruxelles-Propreté provides various documents free of charge:

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